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Overview about Pak Web Builders

Pak Web Builders is a multidimensional IT firm. Our core services include web designing and development in Peshawar, Pakistan. (custom web design, WordPress, CSS & Bootstrap, Html5, Php, etc). Our mission is to make practical, cost beneficial, and technically sound solutions that authorize our customers to quickly alter raw data into intelligent knowledge.

Our company has designed and developed numerous websites for international clients. We aim to deliver successful outcomes and advanced experience for everyone. We have the ability and skills to meet our customer requirements. Our website layouts are structured perfectly and according to the user’s requirements. Pak Web Builders provides a comprehensively responsive website for your E-commerce business. We use advanced techniques and tools for website design and development in Peshawar, Pakistan. Responsive website design is the finest choice for your mobile approach.

Pak Web Builders build mobile-friendly, fully customize websites, so we can reach our customers more competently and create a strong association with them. Our expert team ensures that the website would be search engine friendly. Our friendly websites allow you to boost your sales and guides your business towards success. All the sites we built are flexible WordPress, integrating HTML5 markups to organize for future web standards. We have a specialist PHP development that can allow you to create a website of your own choice. Our developed websites are easy to maintain and the customer doesn’t need a developer to create changes.

Responsive web design initiates the device you are using to approach the site established on media queries to the site. Precisely it concentrates on the browser width of that media and returns CSS rules that are voluntary for that device. We recommend our high services for website designing and development in Peshawar, Pakistan. We create responsive codes that can be used across the different platforms and let you to stay in the competition.

We have a practice of many years of developing dynamic websites to facilitate our customers to set up a unique recognition for website design and development in Peshawar, Pakistan. This is a particular field where we take advantage of our research to be arranged and the accuracy of this can be observed from the projects we have completed. Pak Web Builders is a customer-focused firm for website designing and development in Peshawar, Pakistan. We strongly believe that serving as an ally with our customers is the finest way to know about their exact needs.


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  • We have strong technical expertise and profound skills of latest technologies.
  • We always give competitive pricing, security, IPRs protection & IPRs guarantee in our all solutions.
  • Multiple designers work on your website, giving you more variety of website design choices.
  • We have over 120 satisfied clients – 99% would recommend Pak Web Builders (PWB) to afriend.
  • We offer unlimited revisions for all of our project packages.
  • We provide free 3 month support and web maintenance to our every project.
  • We provide our clients 24/7/365 official response.
  • We provide free training, maintenance and support for every project.