Current Situation of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Pakistan

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Current Situation of Corona Virus (COVID-19) in Pakistan

COVID-19 stands for Coronavirus, the CO represents Corona and V stands for virus and the D stands for the disease. The first case of this virus was identified in Wuhan, China in November 2019. WHO (World Health Organization) portrayed this virus as a pandemic.

Starting From china this virus spread all over the world. The world is incomplete lockdown because of this pandemic situation. Now some countries are showing leniency in the lockdown with SOP’s to avoid more economic disaster.

The virus started to spread in Pakistan and other countries through tourists. The first case in Pakistan was identified on 26 February 2020, when a student traveled from Iran to Karachi airport. When the government puts strict lockdown in March 2020 the cases crossed the 300 figures, and the number of death figures increased.

At the end of April, cases were more than 10,000 and the government decided to extend the lockdown till 9TH May. And on 28th May cases reached a figure of 48,000.  On June 17, 2020 total confirmed cases were around 154,760.

Total 973,717 tests were conducted till June. And 59,215 people recovered. Death figure till June is 3,093. The government made isolation centers but still was not able to facilitate everyone.

Many health care workers lost their lives during their services. Doctors, nurses, and other helping staff lost their lives because of this deadly virus.

On provisional level governments tried to control the condition and facilitate the health sector, but the situation is getting worse. People were not allowed to gather in mosques, markets, and any other gathering.

All the schools, colleges, and universities are still closed. Online classes and exams are being conducted. People are trying to find some indoor activities to utilize their time.

The government has tried to spread awareness about corona and precautions through print media, social media, and other platforms. But still, there are some myths circulating about the coronavirus in Pakistan.

The myth about high temperatures can kill the coronavirus. This myth is completely wrong because at the high temperature of June still, this virus is spreading. Holding your breath for 10 seconds means you are corona free and the virus has not affected you. Increasing the use of garlic can prevent you from coronavirus which is not true. There are many other myths about coronavirus.

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