How to get help against Cyber-bullying and cyber harassment

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How to get help against Cyber-bullying and cyber harassment

In today’s world, cyberbullying is getting common in our society. The excessive use of technology is now causing a bad effect on people’s lives. Cyber-bullying has taken over our society as well. It is affecting every age of people but most of them are teenagers who are affected by cyber-bullying. Even well-known personalities are affected by it.

There are so many national and international celebrities who are victims of cyber-bullying.

The main issue is that in our region there is no awareness about how to get help against these bullies? I have known so many girls who got bullied by awful people but, still, they can’t speak against them because they are scared and most of them don’t know about the cybercrime bill that was recently passed by the government (Pakistan).

  1. The things these affected girls usually go for is:
  2. Suicide attempt
  3. Try to hide it
  4. Do bad or unwanted stuff for the blackmailer

Both genders have equally suffered but as compared to females, males show more aggression towards bullying. Females usually don’t share their problems and most of them are teenage girls.

I asked many females how they will react to the cyber-bullying or cyber harassment?

Few of them said that they will speak against them and the others say they cannot share with anyone because of shame, but hiding this mental torture can lead them to the extreme. Our people feel shame to ask for help in such kind of cases.

Although the details about getting help from authorities are available on the internet, and it is the easiest way to consult them and ask them for help.

We need to change this taboo thinking of our society and try to spread awareness as much as we can. We should arrange sessions in institutes and workplaces or we can arrange online sessions for people to get awareness about how they can get help from authorities.

Do people know anything about the cybercrime authorities?

People are now getting aware of cybercrime authorities but still, there is a large number of people who have no idea about this. We need to highlight this issue and awareness about cybercrime bureau in our region. It is their right to ask for help in case of cyber-bullying or harassment the way we ask for help against any other crime.

There are some ways to get help in Pakistan from authorities against cybercrime bullying or harassment.

  • Lodge a report via CI3.
  • Register a complaint through FIA.
  • Consult CPLC (The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee).
  • Madadgar National Helpline.
  • Snap Shot on Snapchat (you can file a complaint by filling harassment form on the official website of snapchat).
  • Instagram abuse form is helpful to lodge a complaint against harassment or bullies.


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